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Leidholm Technologies
1644 Tom Williams Drive STE B Fargo, ND 58104
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We are

Leidholm Technologies LLC

Leidholm Technologies was formed in 2014. We are a group of developers that were continually being contacted by recruiters to work for other companies. We did our research and found that there is a huge demand for Software Developers in the United States. So we set out on our own to solve this problem by contracting out our services. Our senior devs have over 12 years of experience each and have each been doing contract work for at least 10 years each.


You name it and Leidholm Technologies has done it. We have experienced software developers and designers that have worked in just about every industry. If we haven't done it before we can learn it. Most of software development is self-taught and Leidholm Technologies employees love to learn.

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Design

API Development

Shopping Carts

Invoicing Applications

GeoLocation Applications

Google Integration

Microsoft Integration

Custom Integration

Social Media

Why Contract?


Contracting is 30% cheaper than full-time employees

30% cheaper

Many companies think contractors are too expensive. But they don't see these expenses of full time employess:

  • Benefits - these generally cost 20 - 50% of the FTE salary.

  • Taxes/supplies - this is 10 - 20% of the employees' salary

Employees hired at $100,000/yr will cost between $130,000 and $180,000 /yr


Hiring and firing takes time and money


Hiring skilled developers is extremely difficult and keeping them is almost impossible.

  • There are 40K computer science graduates per year and 140K new job openings for them

  • Hiring employees costs time and money to your company.


Get your product faster.


Contracting is often 50% faster than having a full time employee. Why?

  • Distractions - Once you are in the groove, we work much faster.

  • Learning - A FTE will have to research how to do the project. Most of the time we have a senior developer that knows how to do the project and can answer questions much faster.


More nerd brains means more nerd power.


Things such as having a team of nerds, a startup atmosphere and an endless supply of caffeine and hot pockets ensures a great product.

  • Code reviews to ensure your application is efficient and well-designed

  • We have a startup atmosphere that keeps our employees happy and helps us retain developers.

  • Team brainstorming creates cutting-edge products using the best suited technology


We blog about our work, local technology events, and just about anything else on our minds. These are just a few of our great blogs. Please read all of our great blogs

We know how to provide services such as SEO optimization, software engineering, and online marketing because we use them for our own products. The products below are three of our more successful applications.


  • Web Hosting Products

    Web hosting, SSL certificates, emails, web marketing, domain names

    Go To
  • PaidYET

    Online payment collection, eWallet and invoicing system.

    Go To
  • Grizzly Quote

    Quote your product, monitor sales, and invoice customers all in one application

  • MedyTex

    A medical survey - Under Construction



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